Self-determined living | New PHILmed Apartment

Continuous technical progress has long made it possible to live largely independently and with self-determination with physical limitations. Among the many clever solutions for a better quality of life, mechanical simplifications are just as simple as sophisticated technologies. Most of it is available from PHILmed. In order to give prospective customers a deep and, above all, vivid insight into the possibilities, PHILmed will open a model apartment in Jena in the spring of 2017 - supported by numerous well-known medical device manufacturers and constantly updated to the latest technical standards. We are looking forward to your visit.

PHILmed Gesundheit GmbH
Goeschwitzer Strasse 50
07745 Jena

Telephone: +49 (0)3641 | 22 77 40 




In the center of the barrier-free bedroom facility is the bed appropriate for the respective needs. It is complemented by many other useful facilities from lighting and shading control to sophisticated call systems. In addition, there are many solutions that facilitate the coexistence of partners with and without restrictions.

Living Room

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In the living room count in particular space and the good accessibility of furniture as well as installations. These include specially adapted lighting and entertainment systems, high-tech seating and operating aids.

Another interesting possibility to take future needs into account in the new building is flexible walls.


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In the bathroom, above all, mechanical support is required: in addition to standards such as grab bars, non-slip floor and freely accessible shower, height-adjustable toilets, bathtubs with doors, individually tilting mirrors, non-contact fittings and, above all, design - components that are not only useful but also visually offer more quality of life.



The kitchen is in many apartments the place where you stay the most. Here is cooked, eaten, often washed. Not infrequently small room size, it is important to use for barrier-free living accordingly optimal. An important role is playable furniture; In addition, there are special kitchen appliances from the stove to the knife-safe knife.